Top 10 Most expensive cats in The World

Cats are one among the most loved pets in the world. But there are certain cats that are termed as the most expensive cats in the world. Cats are good companion irrespective of the place, your home or even when you take it to the park for a walk. They are also one of the most unusual animals all over the world, apart from making great pets.

Are you fond of cats? Do you want to keep one at your home? There are many cat breeds in the market to choose. Based on your home, backyard as well as budget, you can choose from the breeds available. Some cats are natural breed; on the other hand, some are a hybrid. Every cat is special and unique in its way.

Cats are one of the most expensive animals, and many costly cats are depending on the breed and rarity. The cats are not just difficult to maintain but also a status symbol for the A-listers. Below mentioned is the list of most expensive cats that are special in its way, require high attention and a thick wallet.

Top 10 most expensive cats in the world:


Siamese - Most expensive cat

Siamese is a natural breed, native to the Thailand. The Thais call it Wichianmat. This brand became very popular in the west during the 19th century because of its playful nature, intelligence, and social attitudes. This breed of cat is sold between $500 and $800 and is the least costly in the list of most expensive cats.

Usually, these cats live up to 10 years but there have been instances where some have lived for around 13 years. Himalayan, Havana Brown, Oriental, Balinese, Persian and Tonkinese all come from this cat.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair

This breed of cat is known to be one of the most popular cats in the United States of America. The name confuses many people for its origin, but it is believed to have begun in Europe. They are priced between $600 and $900.

These cats have a strong build and well known for its short hair as well as pinched faces. In the United States, it is believed that these cats were specially brought to safeguard the valuables from mice as well as other pests. They even possess the affectionate quality.


Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is very popular for its striking feature, the dark blue eyes. These were bred for the first time in the year 1960 from the Persian and Angora cats. They are large when compared to a few other breeds of cats. Not all cats have the same color; some are brown or white while others are black and white.

They are very personable cats just like dogs. They follow the owners to get their attention and some believe them to be resistant to pain. These cats are priced between $900 and $1100.

Scottish Fold Cat


Scottish Fold Cat

This is one of the cutest cat breed similar to American and British shorthair. The most unique feature of the act is the short ears that are loved by all. Their large round gray eyes make them look cuter when compared to other cats. They are priced between $1000 and $1500.

These cats are clever and outgoing. Many cats are seen teaching themselves to knock items, open cabinets. Thus it is wise to make them learn things in the beginning. They are bred closely within the families; they have many health problems.

Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat

Do not go with the name because this breed is not blue in color. They come in many colors from dark grey to black. These cats are sold between $1000 and $1700.

They are often seen shying from strangers but are one of the social animals. The Russian Blue Cat is also known as Archangel Blues and was brought to the British islands from Russia during the 18th century.

The Peterbald


The Peterbald Cat

It is one of the shorthaired cats. Even though they are from Russia, their appearance is close to Oriental and not the Russian cats. Most of them are born bald while a few have some fur. They are sold at a price between $1700 and $3000 and is one among the most expensive cats.

Their friendly nature makes them great friends with children. They even come in pink color which is like by most kids. These cats are fond of tricks and can do anything to grab their owner’s attention.


Persian Cat

These are one of the cutest and most precious cats in the world. The average price is $3000. They are large and fluffy with long hair. Their hair is of different colors. As the name says they are from Persia and were shown to people in a show in the 18th century and have been famous since then.

They are quiet and love to be a calm and silent area. They are cross bred with Siamese cats. Taking care of these acts is imperative because they undergo health problems like heart and respiratory issues.

The Bengal

Bengal Cat

One of the most expensive cats in the world is The Bengal priced sold anywhere between $3000 and $5000. They are cross bred between the jungle and domestic cats by Dr. William Centerwall in the 1970’s. Some cats have long hair while some have short. Their size also varies.

The female cats are smaller in size when compared to the male one. They can be temperamental sometimes and thus do not make great friends with children. They require a lot of attention and love to play outdoors since they are fond of climbing as well as swimming.

The Savannah

Savannah Cat

This cat is bred between feral and domestic species. They are one of the most expensive cats and come in different sizes, from small to large. The smallest savannah till date weighs 7 pounds and on the other hand the biggest one weighs 25 lbs. They average price is $25000.

They have different spots similar to feral. Just like the Bengal, they love t play outdoors as well as require lots of attention. Since they are shorthaired, they are simple to maintain. They were spotted in the 1980’s and have been well known since then.

The Ashera

Ashera Cat

The Ashera tops the list of most expensive cats in the world with a price range of $75000 to $125000. It is the most exotic cats in the world. They are large and thus the owners need to have sufficient space for them to live.

They are bred from the savannah cats and have spots or stripes on their fur. They are social and fond of kids but the children stay away from them due to their large size. They weigh more than 25 pounds.

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