Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

One of the best ways to exercise and stay fit is by playing a sport. Before you start doing this, keep in mind that sports are a great way to stay fit but are not without any risk. There is a huge risk in playing sports as well, and the level of risk depends on the sport you play.

Many athletes have pushed the envelope far too much for excitement and physical fineness. They hit, kick, climb mountains, run down the steep hill, etc. Some sports are given the tag of most dangerous sports and are included in the list mentioned below. Keep one thing in mind that the following most dangerous sports list is in no particular order.


Boxing - Most dangerous sport in the world

Boxing is one of the sports that included in the contact sports list where the participant’s only aim is to punch the opponent, and there is no surprise that it is not injury free. Studies have shown that more than 90% boxers suffer brain damage and the sport is solely responsible for it. The boxers also have a risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This is certainly one of the most dangerous sports in the world. The risk can be minimised with the right safety gear.


Scuba Diving:

Scuba Diving

There are hardly any people who know what exactly scuba stands for. It stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus that the divers take in for breathing. This is a wonderful sport without any doubts, but it comes with risks as well. The most dangerous part of this sport is the changes in pressure. The pressure inside the sea is different that on land. Thus, it becomes tough for the body to cope up with the pressure changes leading to health issues and even death sometimes. Not just this, the risk of being attacked by wild fishes deep inside is always there.

Cave diving:

Cave diving

One of the unique, as well as a dangerous sport, is cave diving where individual dives underwater in the caves. This sport asks you to use the scuba equipment as well as other kinds of equipment based on the situations and where you are cave diving. Low visibility is the cause of the major hazard, and this is what makes it get included in the most dangerous sports list. Another hazard to making this risky is air loss as you cannot rise back to the surface anytime because it may smash your head.

Big Wave Surfing:

Big Wave Surfing

This sport is highly practised in the foreign countries. It is a type of surfing where the surfing masters paddle into the waves as long as 20 feet. The most desired crown is to ride the terrifying 100 feet wave for a huge prize of $100,000. This sport is included in the most dangerous sports list because of the risk it poses. The biggest risks of this sport are to get pulled off by the wave or getting drowned. Also, there are chances of the rider to get smashed by the underwater rocks and also there have been cases where the diver is hit hard by the surfing board.




It is another name for bull taming and is one of the traditional sports of Tamil Nadu, India. There is only one winner in this kind of sport, either the man or the bull. In this sport, the individual has to hold on to the animal for a particular distance or time while the bull tries it’s best to release. There are many risks to this sport and studies have shown that more than 250 people are being killed by the bull in the last two decades.


Mountain climbing:

Mountain climbing

Seeing mountain climbing in the most dangerous sports list will not surprise you. It involves a lot of risk of climbing the mountain and again down against the natural weather. The climber can experience some physical injuries while climbing and down the mountain. The weather changes are risky as well, and there have been many deaths as well.

White water rafting:

White Water Rafting

Another outdoor activity that is one amongst the most dangerous sports is white water rafting where you have to navigate through the rough waters in the inflated raft. There are threats of smashing to rocks and falling and causing physical injuries. If you are not able to dislodge yourself, then the risk can be higher.


BASE Jumping:

BASE Jumping

One of the most dangerous sports in the world is BASE Jumping which is nothing but parachuting. BASE is the abbreviation for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth which means cliff. This sounds exciting and speedy but is perilous. This sport is often experienced by the adventure and speed loving people. Apart from the risk of jumping from hundreds of feet above, another risk is being trashed by the winds. This sport is illegal in some countries including the United States, excluding organized events.

Heli – Skiing:

Heli Skiing

It ‘s not hard for you to know what this sport involves. It is downhill skiing accessed by a helicopter. This is one of the dangerous sports as the possibility of getting stranded by the weather is higher, and also avalanches are quite common as you may know. Not just the weather but the helicopter ride at such a location is also risky which makes this sport all the more perilous. Not many people involve themselves in this sport due to the high risk.


Street Luge:

Street Luge

This sport is also one of the most dangerous sports and is similar to skateboarding. The risk in this sports increases because the rider has to be in the supine position on the luge. The speed on which the rider dashes down the road is extreme. The chances of being smashed by the vehicles are high, and thus it is mandatory for the riders to put on helmets and safety leather. The brakes in this sport are your feet thus even a fraction of second makes a huge difference.

Ranking the sports according to the risk and danger is difficult. As mentioned before the above mentioned most dangerous sports list is in no particular order.

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