Top 11 The Most Prettiest Girl in The World (In 2017)

Today if you watch in every field of work, young women are dominating but being the prettiest girl in the world is not an ordinary thing.

Talent with beauty is the good combination and you can find many such beautiful girls across the world. With their prettiest looks, some of them have successfully grabbed the attention of the people.

Good appearance and hard work make them look more beautiful and also helps them to get a title of being prettiest girl in the world.

List of Prettiest Girl in the World

Imaan Hammam

Imaan Hammam Prettiest girl in the world

  • The Imaan Hammam is a beautiful model born in the year 1996 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Her height is 5″10″ and her weight is 56 kg.
  • Her first agreement was with the CODE management.
  • For this, she was asked to go to Paris and there she got the chance to open the show for Givenchy.
  • She also grabbed the award for the model of the year by Couturesque Magazine.
  • Her pretty looks and confidence allowed her to win the model of the year title by competing against contenders like Bella Hadid.
  • Now she campaigns and walks for the brands like Giorgio Armani, Vera Wang, Fendi etc.

Lily May Mac

Lily May Mac Prettiest girl in the world

  • The Lily May Mac is again a beautiful model, born in the year 1994 in the Australia.
  • Her height is 5″5″ and she also works as a law clerk, apart from doing modeling.
  • The social networking site like Instagram allowed her to gain the popularity.
  • Her beautiful and pleasing images in Instagram made her popular and this popularity got boosted when the well-known member of a band Exo named as Chanyeol followed her on Instagram.
  • At Bannister Law, she works as a law clerk and also does a little bit of modeling.


Nana prettiest girl in the world

  • She is a beautiful girl from South Korea, born in the year 1991 and she works as a model, singer, and actress.
  • Her height is 5″6″ and her looks are attention-grabbing.
  • The Nana is her stage name and her actual name is Im Jin Ah.
  • She is also known for participating in the Asia Pacific Super Model contest in the year 2009.
  • In the South Korean entertainment industry, she is known for having the prettiest face.
  • Apart from this, she is also a licensed make-up artist and is also the member of Make-up artist association.

Sara Sampaio

Sara Sampaio Prettiest girl in the world

  • The Sara Sampaio is the beautiful model born in the year 1991, in the Porto, Portugal.
  • Her height is 5″7″ and her weight is 55kg.
  • At the age of 16, she won the hair modeling contest called as Cabelos Pantene in the Portugal.
  • At the small age, she got many modeling offers, but her strict parents wanted her to first complete the high school education.
  • She was also asked to audition for the brand Victoria Secret.
  • She was selected as an angel for Victoria Secret, in the year 2015.

Neelam Gill – Prettiest girl in the world

Neelam Gill Prettiest girl in world
© Richard Young/REX Shutterstock


  • The Neelam Gill is again a fashion model, born in the year 1995, in the UK.
  • Her height is 5″10″ and her looks are very much appealing.
  • Her roots are from India as her grandparents were born in India.
  • She was born in Coventry and her first catwalk was done for the Burberry’s fashion show in London.
  • She was the first Indian model to appear in the Burberry’s campaign.

Sham Yen Yi

Sham Yen Yi Prettiest girl in the world


  • The Sham Yen Yi is the model from Hong Kong, born in the year 1994.
  • Her height is 5″7″ and she is admired for her beautiful appearance.
  • Her actual name is Shirley Sham.
  • In the year 2014, she was crowned as the Miss Earth China.
  • She completed her education in Hong Kong from the St. Paul’s College.
  • Currently, she is studying at Fudan University School of Law.

Serayah McNeill

Serayah McNeill Prettiest girl in the world


  • The Serayah McNeill is the beautiful actress from California, US and was born in the year 1995.
  • Her height is 5″2″ and is known for her versatility.
  • She got graduated from the Taft High School and used to play for the girls’ basketball team.
  • She got a big break in the television industry for the show Empire, in which she played the role of Tiana.
  • In the music video, Bad Blood by Taylor Swift she made a special appearance.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss Prettiest girl in the world


  • The Karlie Kloss is the beautiful model from Chicago, US and was born in the year 1992.
  • Her height is 6″1″ and her weight is 52 kg. Her appealing personality can drive you crazy.
  • By Vouge Paris, she was counted among the top 30 models in 2000s.
  • The credit for her grace and poise goes to the classical ballet dance training.
  • This training proved to be very much useful, in her modeling career.
  • From the year 2013 to 2015, she was an angel for the Victoria Secret.

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy Prettiest girl in the world

  • The Bae Suzy was born in the year 1994, in South Korea and she works as a model, singer, and actress.
  • Her height is 5″5″ and her looks are simply amazing.
  • Before she made her debut in the modeling world, she was a model for the online shopping portal.
  • She got rejected after auditioning for the Mnet Superstar K.
  • The JYP entertainment scout gave her the chance to become the member of the K-Pop girl group, Miss A.

Nyasha Matonhodze

Nyasha Matonhodze Prettiest girl in the world


  • The Nyasha Matonhodze was born in the year 1995, in Zimbabwe and she works as a professional model.
  • Her height is 5″11″ and her looks are fabulous.
  • In Zimbabwe, she lived a normal and simple life with her grandmother and at the age of 8, she moved to London with her mom.
  • Her modeling career was just perfect because of the tall and lean body structure that she had.
  • She got lost of encouragement for the modeling and at the age of 14 she was signed for modeling for the brand Elite.


Zendaya Prettiest girl in the world


  • The Zendaya is a beautiful singer as well as actress and was born in California in the year 1996.
  • Her height is 5″10″ and she is also a great dancer.
  • She started her modeling career by working for the Old Navy and Macy’s.
  • Her active participation in several musical events, allowed her to gain some good popularity.
  • She was also casted in the Disney Channel popular movie Frenemies.
  • Her debut self-album was released in the year 2013.


These ladies are very pretty for sure! They have the ultimate combination of looks, confidence, and talent, which allowed these girls to gain popularity at the small age.

What you have to say about these prettiest girl in the world? Please feel free to share your views.

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