Top 10 Heaviest Animals in the World

Do you want to know which are the heaviest animals in the world? The fact is that you may already know which one is the heaviest but you might not know the 2nd heaviest, 3rd heaviest or the 4th heaviest in the whole world.

The heaviest of all is the blue whale which is massive and definitely in the first spot since years. This list of most massive animals includes animals from different countries and facts related to them are interesting to read. Some of these animals are dangerous and aggressive. Below mentioned is the list but keep in mind that it is in no particular order except for the 1st position

10 heaviest animals in the world:.

Blue Whale – 410000 lbs

Blue Whale - Heaviest animal in the world

The heaviest animal in the world, not to your surprise is the Blue Whale. It is heaviest and the largest animal that has ever lived on this planet. A full grown whale has a height of 30 meters and weighs approximately 200 tonnes, which is huge, isn’t it? You may not believe this, but the tongue of the blue whale is as heavy as an elephant. This heaviest animal is found in all the oceans all over the whole world. The sounds that they make can be heard from 1600 kilometre away. These sounds are made to communicate with other whales.

African Elephant – 14000 lbs

African Elephant

The African elephant is one of the heaviest animals in the world and the heaviest land animal. An adult elephant weighs up to 14000 lbs and is usually 4 meters in height. When compared with other species of elephants, these have huge ears and tusks. As the name says, they live in the central and western part of the Africa. These elephants have two finger kind part on the trunk so grab things whereas other species of elephants only have one.


Whale Shark – 40000 lbs

Whale Shark

These are not just the heaviest animals in the world but the largest fish in the ocean. The height of the whale shark is 12 meters and weighs up to 40000 lbs. they are not found in every ocean in the world but the tropical and warm waters only. They are capable of consuming large amounts of food at a time, and this is possible with their strong jaws as well as filters. You would be happy to know that these whale sharks are harmless to the humans.


White Rhinoceros – 7800 lbs

White Rhinoceros

They are one amongst the heaviest animals in the whole world and the 2nd most massive land animals. There are four living species of rhinoceros in the world, and the white rhinoceros are the heaviest. These are found in various parts of Africa. They are 4 meters long and weights up to 7800 lbs. The name says white rhinoceros, but they are grey in colour.


Asian Elephant – 11000 lbs

Asian Elephant

After the African elephants, the Asian elephants are the 2nd largest elephant species in the whole world. On the Asian continent, they are the largest animal. They have a height of 3.5 meters and weigh around 11000 lbs. Unlike the African elephants, they have small ears. They are found in India and Sri Lanka. The Asian baby elephant weighs up to 200 pounds.


Asian Guar – 2500 lbs

Asian Guar

The Asian Guar is found in South Asia. They are the largest species of cattle found on earth. They have 2.5 to 3.5 meters long and weight 2500 lbs. The male Asian Guar is 30% larger and heavier than the female Guar. They have a big head and incredibly strong horns. Their horns are enough to pull someone down, and the horns alone are 1 meter long. They always live in herds comprising of 9-12 members. They feed on leaves and grasses.

Giraffe – 3500 lbs


They are one of the heaviest animals in the world and also the tallest mammal on earth. They have a height of amazing 20 feet and are found in South Africa in huge numbers. They legs of the giraffe are taller than even a human being of 6 feet. The legs and tongue are what helps them eat the leaves of trees. The tongue is 21 inches long and can run at a speed of 50 kilometres per hour. The most favourite food of the giraffe is the water rich acacia leaves as it helps them survive even without water for a long time.


Hippopotamus – 7500 lbs


Another to the list heaviest animal in the world from South Africa is the Hippopotamus. It is not only amongst the heaviest animals but also ranked 3rd largest mammal on earth. A full grown Hippopotamus weigh around 7500 lbs, and you will more often see them spend time in the water to cool their massive body. They usually prefer having too much food at night and consume around 80 pounds of grass. They consume grass and the fallen fruits. The special shape of the teeth helps them eat food in large quantities.


Kodiak Bear – 1800 lbs

Kodiak Bear

Apart from being one of the heaviest animals, they are also one amongst the biggest omnivorous animals. These bears isolate themselves from the other members of the bear family. The height of the Kodiak bear is 10 feet and weigh up to 1800 lbs. they are found in the Kodiak archipelago in Alaska. This may be surprising, but they find plenty of food to eat in their habitat. Their diet includes grass, berries, and fishes. The male bears are 30% larger than the female bears.


Crocodile – 2300 lbs


Crocodile is the largest reptile on earth along with being one of the heaviest animals. These are found in the tropical regions all over the world. The length of the crocodile can be anywhere between 6 and 25 feet and weigh around 2300 lbs. They can live without food for some months and during this time use up the energy from the body stored as fats. Their diet usually consists of turtles, fishes, birds and large pigs. They can spot the prey easily as even a minor disturbance in the water is noticeable to them.

The above mentioned is the list of heaviest animals in the world including living animals on earth. The weights are the average weights of the animals.

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